Ready to get to know me, everything I do, and how I do it?

For years, I've been hustling and bustling – becoming the millennial engagement effectuator as well as the budget-friendly branding boss, hosting local and national events, consulting for brick & mortar businesses, making a place for myself and people like me in corporate America,  all while also having a budding social life, traveling, serving my community, and more. The most common question I get about everything: how do you do it all? Here I'm sharing how I started, how I found my version success, and how I'm still striving.

"It's not just about income. It's about impact.
It's about connecting. It's about effectuating." 


All About the Basics...


Atlanta has been my home for the past five years, but the first part of my life was spent traveling with my family; mostly Europe but then Kansas and eventually Georgia. That's how I learned the importance of community and why it's the center of everything I've done and continue to do.


I've always had a love for business and bringing people together. In high school, I spent my entire summer asking students at my school to join FBLA & turned our chapter into the 10th largest in the nation. In college, I leveraged the relationships I built on social media prior to and during school to pay my bills by working in leasing and sales. 


After college, I randomly quit my job, got a new one, and moved to Atlanta all in three days. Since then I've begun two companies & one non-profit, helped more than 100 business owners with their brand, hosted 100+ events, and connected more than 17,000 millennials in the Metro-Atlanta area.

What You'll See on the Site

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Updates via the Blog

I do a lot, but never really talk about it. From managing Millennials of Atlanta &  BH Branding to my work with  NextUp and my additional projects with some of the best businesses in Atlanta, there's many lessons to be learned – I did so you don't have to.

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Free Resources

Each month I'll be making a list of free resources for you to use ranging from social media tools, discount codes, influencer marketing, business plans, and more!  Even more, you can  let me know what you're looking for and I'll do my best to find it.

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Invitations to B-School

Beginning in August, I'll be opening up seats to B-School. This program is one quarter long where we discuss branding, starting a business,  work-life balances, brand partnerships  & more.. The best part?  It's budget-friendly (and hybrid)!