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Hi, I'm Briana

I'm Briana Holmes – a 30-year-old Atlanta native with a passion for bringing people together and jet-setting across the globe. As the mastermind behind The Network of Atlanta, I'm all about curating affordable events that blend service, fitness, education, and good old-fashioned socializing for people in Metro-Atlanta. With a digital and physical community of 20,000+ members, my reach goes way beyond the city limits, creating connections I'm so proud of.

But my hustle doesn't stop at home. I'm also a travel and lifestyle influencer. Every month, I'm off to a brand-new destination, soaking up unique cultures and experiences—and then I spill all the details to my followers. From insider tips to can't-miss spots, my online presence is a treasure trove of personal recommendations. So, whether I'm shaking things up in Atlanta or sharing my latest globe-trotting escapades, one thing's for sure: I'm just taking life one destination at a time.

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