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My boyfriend threw me a surprise party 🎉

So, hitting the big 3-0 was lurking around the corner, and I had no clue that my boyfriend was cooking up something seriously epic. Buckle up, because we're diving into the rollercoaster ride that led to a surprise bash on the swanky rooftop of LOA in Atlanta.

It all kicked off like any other day – or so I thought. My boyfriend had this master plan that involved a ton of sneaky moves. He managed to convince me that we were headed to some fancy work event of his. Little did I know, I was in for a mind-blowing surprise that would make any undercover agent proud.

We're talking hair and makeup session – check. Cute outfit from House of CB – check. I was all glammed up and ready to be his plus-one at this "work shindig." But hey, no complaints here. Who am I to say no to a day of pampering?

Now, here's where things take a fun turn. Earlier that morning I was sent on a wild goose chase... I was on a mission to pick out an outfit for my boyfriend. I mean, come on, shopping for his "work thing"? Classic misdirection, right?

Cue the jaw-dropping moment when we arrive at LOA. There's a chorus of cheers as I step onto the roof. Turns out, my boyfriend pulled off the ultimate surprise, gathering all my friends (even the ones who live miles away) and – wait for it – my parents, who went the extra mile (literally) to be there.

The night was an unforgettable blur of laughter, heartfelt talks, and enough stories to last a lifetime. And can we talk about the backdrop? The Atlanta skyline was like something out of a movie, reminding me that looking back is just as important as looking forward.

As the night went on, I couldn't help but feel a rush of gratitude for the crazy amount of love that went into making this day happen. The sneakiness of my boyfriend's plan, the enthusiasm of my friends, and the dedication of my parents all collided to create a memory that's etched in my heart forever.

So, here's to entering the thirties with a bang – an adventure that began with a "work event," morphed into a rooftop bash, and reminded me that life is one heck of a ride, especially when you're sharing it with the people who add that extra sparkle. As I step into this new chapter, I carry with me not just the surprise of that moment, but the warmth of knowing how ridiculously lucky I am.


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